The Assured Fertility Egg Donor IVF Plan.

This Plan is available for women aged 49 and under.

IVF using an egg donor with peace of mind and money back guarantee

The process for acceptance onto our plan is:

  • Discussion with our team about your eligibility and what the plan consists of
  • Online reviewing and signing of the contract
  • Referral to local clinic for initial screening tests (included in plan subject to acceptance)
  • If your screening results meet our criteria, payment options will be sorted and treatment will begin!

After acceptance on to the plan and confirmation of payment, your treatment will be as follows:

  1. Consultation with your named consultant to complete the necessary paperwork and receive your treatment protocol. At this stage, some further investigations may be performed during (blood tests, scans and any other tests at your consultant’s discretion). Rest assured these are covered in your plan.
  2. Donor matching with coordination of treatment dates, treatment protocol being provided, and all medication being provided.
  3. Donor cycle where the donor will be stimulated using IVF medication in order to produce eggs to be collected.
  4. Fertilisation – the donor eggs will be fertilised using your partner’s or  a donor’s sperm (ICSI technique used where indicated).
  5. PGS screening where applicable (screening to test for normal chromosomal make up in embryos).
  6. Embryo transfer and freezing of surplus embryos for use in future treatments.
  7. Pregnancy test & viability scan to confirm pregnancy.
  8. Our IVF guarantee – if you do not achieve a live birth or your pregnancy is not successful, up to two more embryo transfers would be made.

If after all treatment within the Plan, you do not achieve a live birth, we will give you 100% of your money back!

Payment Plan:

The Assured Egg Donor IVF Plan allows you to pay for your plan either upfront or by paying in monthly instalments from £393.78 per month*.  See a representative example here.

For this plan you remain under your UK Consultant, but would receive the egg donation treatment in Spain or Cyprus.


  • Donor Cycle: Monitoring and Preparation, Egg Harvesting, IVF Lab Services, ICSI (if necessary)
  • PGS (if your consultant deems it beneficial)
  • Freezing and Storage up to one year
  • Recipient Cycle: Donor Matching, Coordination of Treatment Plan and Dates, Monitoring and Preparation
  • Medication as required
  • FET – up to 3 frozen embryo transfers

Payment plans available subject to status.

However your treatment is funded, if you have completed all required treatment and have achieved 3 viable embryos but not a live birth, all of the costs of the Assured Plan™ will be refunded. *






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