EggFreeze PLUS

Our multi cycle plan with refunds

For those aged under 38

Available from mid July 24

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  • Substantial discount on clinic prices
  • Up to 3 egg freezing cycles with refunds if you don’t use all 3 cycles

  • As long as the clinic is happy to treat you, you will be accepted onto the multi cycle plan

  • You pay the clinic directly for pre-treatment scans, blood tests, consultations, and medication

  • Please note that if you achieve 20 frozen eggs at any point, your plan is complete, and no further treatment will be available under this plan (but you may be due a refund as above).

About egg freezing

Every woman’s chances of conceiving naturally fall as they get older because the quality and number of eggs drops.  Egg freezing represents a way to suspend your fertility in time, preventing the decrease in quality and quantity of your eggs. The eggs that you freeze will stay suspended in time at the quality at the time of the freeze.

Human reproduction is quite inefficient— the chance of natural conception each month is only around 10 to 20 percent, depending on age. As a result, the average couple takes 5 to 7 months to conceive naturally.  At the beginning of each menstrual cycle, several follicles containing an egg are present; usually only one egg will develop, mature, and be released. The remaining eggs die off and are no longer available for conception.

During an egg freezing cycle, your ovaries are stimulated using medication to increase the number of eggs that are released during the cycle.  Guidance recommends that people younger than 38 aim to freeze 20 mature eggs.

Egg Freezing can be used by women who may wish to delay starting a family and wish to protect against the natural reduction of their egg reserve and egg quality over time. It may also be suitable in certain medical situations such as women who suffer from endometriosis, have a family history of premature ovarian failure, or are soon to receive treatment for cancer.

The process

  1. Pre-treatment screening – to confirm that the treatment is a possible option for you ( the cost of pre-screening tests and scans are not included in the EggFreeze PLUS plan)
  2. Stimulation – to increase the number of eggs that your ovaries release during the treatment cycle
  3. Collection – a minor procedure under sedation which takes around 20 – 30 minutes
  4. Freezing and storage – your mature eggs are rapidly frozen and stored at -196°C.

Your eggs can be stored for up to 55 years subject to proper consent.

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Egg Freezing contact form

Egg Freezing contact form

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