What Our Patients Say

Thank you for providing us with the opportunity to start our IVF journey last year. Without your help we wouldn’t have this gorgeous little boy to spoil and celebrate.
Jade and Nick

Gorgeous baby Jax, pictured above, celebrating his very first Christmas

I would highly recommend Assured Fertility for anyone considering fertility treatment. This company are excellent to work with, experts in the world of fertility and most of all, empathetic, understanding and flexible. Having the support of an Assured Fertility plan massively reduced the stress involved in fertility treatment and provides a comfort knowing the financial side is sorted. As well as this, it was lovely to know that Holly was on the end of the phone for any questions, advice or worries. I would use this company again in a heartbeat and cannot thank them enough for making our dream of having a family come true.

I would just like to thank the whole team for making the experience so smooth, I just can’t believe how lucky I am.

It was an emotional journey but it was really smooth and I would do it again.

You need a good set of people supporting you, which I had, and I really can’t thank everybody enough.

“The baby or your money back guarantee seemed to good to be true but after contacting and speaking to them we realised this could be the company that would help us have a baby. There were some financing options and they helped arrange everything for us. We were happy with the contract, everything was genuine and the baby or your money guarantee back took the financial stress away and gave us the confidence that the success rate was high.”

“Without Assured and their plan and help to arrange financing we would not have had our baby. We could never thank them enough and only wish they were around in 2014 when we first started as it would have saved much heartache and money.”

“Thank you for you help in bringing our precious daughter into the world.”

We used Assured Fertility for our IVF/ICSI treatment. The staff I spoke to over the phone were extremely helpful and talked me through each package and what to do next stage by stage. They were very responsive to any questions I had through the process. Their very sensitive and personable attitudes made them very approachable making the process smooth and easy. Would highly recommend.

Helen, 34.