I guess with this being my first blog, I should introduce myself! Well, my name is Holly and I am responsible for patient care here at Assured Fertility and have decided to start a blog with the hope that I can provide a bit of insight into what we do here and address some of the questions I am frequently asked. It also gives me the opportunity to share some of our success stories and touch on some topics that I am hoping are of interest to people considering/undertaking fertility treatment. 


I have worked in the infertility world for the past 6 years now and can honestly say that I feel incredibly humbled to be able to share in this journey with so many people and hopefully support them along the way in their desire to have a baby. The road can be incredibly long, difficult and filled with many mixed emotions but I hope by being able to share that path with our patients, it becomes a little more manageable.

 My husband will tell you that since working in the world of fertility, my dinner table chat has become slightly less filtered as my work world often creeps into my conversations and when I spend my day discussing periods, sperm and eggs, well you can imagine! This was highlighted recently when I walked into my friend’s new house and spotted a tub of Whey Protein powder on the top of his cupboard. I then entered into a full-on lecture of the negative affects it could have on the quality of his sperm, much to my husband’s dismay! 

I am going to try and update my blog on a weekly basis and address any topics that have come up during the week and of course, do let me know along the way if there is anything of particular interest to you!

Before I go, just wanted to say a huge congratulations to one of our patients who had their first scan this week and has a Christmas baby on the way! 

Anyway, enough about me for now, watch out for my next blog! 

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