IVF costs survey

We have reviewed prices for IVF treatment around the country. These vary, as you would expect for different areas.

One cycle of IVF ranges from £3,175 to over £6,000, FET from £920 to £2,500 and ICSI from ~£800 to £1,600.

Please note that these prices are just for the IVF cycle, ICSI or FET – they do not include medication, scans and some consultations, so you need to ask the clinic how much these items will cost to come to a final total.

Across the country, the averages as at Jan 24 are as follows:

– IVF cycle  £4,268                    – FET  £2,059                  – ICSI  £1,305

Using the average prices above for clinics and assuming two cycles if IVF – each with one fresh and one frozen transfer, this would total an average of £12,654 (this varies by region), plus the medication and other costs as above.

At Assured we offer a 2 cycle plan, with all embryo transfers included, from only £6,100 (as always, prices vary by region/clinic).

In addition, you will need to pay the medication and other costs as above directly to the clinic.

You should always check with the clinic what is included in the price, if you need help with this call us and we will be happy to assist.

These prices are for what we consider are the required elements of “normal” IVF treatment, which are as follows:

IVF Cycle – What does an IVF cycle include?

Cycle Monitoring (hormone blood tests and scans), Oocyte Retrieval (egg harvesting), IVF Laboratory Services (insemination) including if necessary intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) at extra cost. Embryoscope. Blastocyst culture.  First embryo transfer, including monitoring and HFEA fee. Follow up appointment if failed cycle or viability scan if applicable.

And it may include ICSI if your doctor recommends it:

What is ICSI? – For people experiencing infertility, ICSI (Intracytoplasmic sperm injection) may be used to help try to achieve a successful pregnancy. This type of IVF is most helpful when there are male infertility issues. Your healthcare provider injects sperm into an egg to aid conception.

If your first embryo transfer is not successful, and you have additional embryos from your cycle which have been frozen, then these will be transferred separately.

Transfer of frozen embryo (known as FET), If your first embryo transfer is not successful, and you have additional embryos from your cycle which have been frozen, then these will be transferred separately. FET’s include cycle monitoring, thawing and transfer of frozen embryo(s) and HFEA fee. A follow up appointment if you have a failed cycle or viability scan if applicable.

IVF Prices

We have not identified individual clinics in this chart, but we hope that this is useful.

Do call our specialist team at Assured Fertility for more detailed information.

Our multi cycle plans start from £6,100 – price varies dependent on clinic choice

And have a look at our 2 cycle plan with refunds or 3 cycle plan with refunds

  • Substantial discount on normal clinic prices

  • Up to two IVF cycles

  • All embryo transfers

  • PLUS Plan only – you may receive a refund if you finish the plan early

  • As long as the clinic is happy to treat you, you will be accepted onto the multi cycle plan

  • You pay the clinic directly for scans, consultations, and medication
  • ICSI available
  • Please note that if you succeed and achieve a live birth at any point, your plan is complete, and no further treatment will be available.

  • We also have two other Multi Cycle plans (Multi Cycle Plus Plans), both of which provide a refund if you succeed early – click here for further details

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