Learning that you need help to conceive can be a difficult situation whether you are a woman or a man. The news can come as a bit of a shock. 

After long consideration, you and your partner have decided that you should try IVF. For men, this means that sperm is tested for the count, motility, morphology, hormonal balance, or other fertility concerns prior to treatment starting.  

For IVF to be successful, it is very important to have both healthy sperm and a healthy egg for the best chances. 

So, what can you do to prepare for the procedure?  

We often get asked about what men can do to contribute towards a successful pregnancy when using IVF. Here are some things to think about.  

  1. Be as healthy as possible  

Small changes in your everyday habits can contribute significantly to your overall health and quality of your sperm. Eating healthy, moderate exercise, maintaining a healthy weight, avoiding alcohol and cutting out cigarettes are changes that can improve your chances for successful IVF.  

  1. Recognisethat it’s normal to feel… 

Many men feel embarrassment and anxiety about the whole procedure and their part in the IVF procedure and you need to know that this is completely normal. Some men may feel hopeful that IVF will work, while others may feel worried and apprehensive. It is understandable, so it is very important to be prepared, and talk to your partner about your feelings regarding the whole situation. You will also be able to speak to your IVF specialist about any questions you have or concerns.  

  1. Support your partner

IVF is often seen as the procedure that partners undergo together, however, the largest part is on the women’s shoulders. Hormone therapy and pain and stress that goes with it can be overwhelming for women. Be the support that your partner needs. Be present for consultations and the appointments throughout the process, so you understand what is happening and why, as well as offering support. 

  1. Remove as much stress as possible

IVF can be very stressful and often expensive. Assured Fertility can help with the issue of paying for treatment and let you concentrate all your efforts on having a healthy baby. We provide a 100% money back guarantee if you do not have a successful birth. The cost of our treatment plans are fixed, agreed and with absolutely no extras for medications or hidden charges. We can’t guarantee to take away all of your stress but we are here to support you both through the whole journey.  

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, we will gladly answer them. Reach us on 0333 234 0895; info@assuredfertility.co.uk.    

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