IVF for Intended Parent and Surrogate Teams with 100% refund

We work in partnership with COTS, a UK Surrogacy advisory service. If you are looking to go down the surrogacy route, please get in touch with them first to start your journey with us.

  • IVF treatment for surrogacy teams with 100% refund if you don’t have a baby*

  • Available for both heterosexual and same sex couples, single men/women who are in a team with a surrogate utilising a known or unknown egg donor (including use of intended parent’s own eggs)

  • Free initial screening and no waiting lists

  • Working with top clinics and consultants around the UK and abroad

  • Plans include all treatment and medication

  • Avoid NHS waiting times and other restrictions

Simply complete our online form and our team of highly trained IVF patient coordinators will be in touch

Get in touch and we can help you achieve your dream!

Get in touch and we can help you achieve your dream!

for more information about our 100% Refund IVF Plans for Surrogacy Teams, just fill in your details and submit the form. We will be straight back to you


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