Get to know our team as well as key players in our partner clinics. Over the next few months we’ll introduce you to the people who will become a part of your journey if you choose to embark on your IVF journey with Assured Fertility. 

First up, it’s Charlotte, one of our amazing Patient Coordinators:


Starting out

I have worked for Assured for 4 months now. Prior to taking this role I worked for a private hospital (whilst doing my master’s degree in the biological sciences), so I still dealt with patients daily. The job appealed to me because of the nature of the work – I love learning about IVF as it is an ever-growing industry and very satisfying. We are helping people achieve their dreams of having a family!


A typical day

A typical day would start by dealing with the enquiries that have come through since we left at 5pm the day before. Once these have been dealt with, I would then move onto speaking to our existing patients, ensuring that everything was up to date with them. Depending on the day, we could be busy with new enquiries all day. I also help out with events such as The Fertility Show.


Keeping in touch

We always try to keep in touch with patients, to find out how they are getting on. With most people they do tend to keep us informed as they go, but some people prefer their privacy which I completely understand, so we try to keep a respectful distance. Patients do usually give us a call when they have a baby to share their good news! We love it when they send pictures!


The highs and lows

The best part of the job is definitely getting the news that someone has had a baby, and knowing that you’ve managed to help them achieve that is a great feeling. I would say the worst part is when we unfortunately have to turn away patients, and getting the phone calls that it hasn’t worked as they had hoped, they can be quite hard but thankfully that doesn’t happen as often and we always try our best to help these patients as much as possible.


Essential qualities of a Patient Coordinator

I would say having patience is a key part of the job. It is a difficult decision to make when going ahead with IVF and patients do need to take their time and ask a lot of questions.  Being a good listener is also definitely a quality that you need doing this job role, due to the complexity of some patients’ medical history. And I would say being honest is also very important, as we need to be open about what we do here so that patients know exactly what they are signing up for and how the plans work.


We always do our best to get the results we want

I love working for Assured, it’s a wonderful company with great patients and I enjoy coming to work every day! I suffer from endometriosis myself and can empathise with many of our patients as it can be so difficult and frustrating at times, but in the end it is worth it and we always do our best to get the results we want. There has definitely been a lot to learn so far, but it has been a lot of fun and I’m looking forward to continuing to help our patients in the future.

Assured Fertility provide fast-tracked IVF and egg donation plans with no hidden extras. If you don’t have a baby you get 100% of your money back.*

*subject to acceptance and the terms of your plan