Our Promise

The Assured Fertility Patient Promise

1.Your treatment is tailored for you

We approach everyone as an individual, ensuring the best provision of care, treatment and ongoing support.

2. Immediate appointments and no waiting lists

As soon as you wish to go ahead, we will book your screening tests and work with you throughout the process.

3. We are working for you 

We act on your behalf and in the unlikely event that you have any problems during the process we will step in and work for you to resolve the problem.

4. We only work with the latest technology and top consultants

We are proud of both our partner clinics and choose these with care.

5. We provide a unique peace of mind money back refund guarantee on our FULL Refund Plan

See the details

6. We are and will always be ethical, honest & transparent

These values are echoed throughout our plans and all our partner clinics.

7. Everything is easy to follow

The IVF world is full of acronyms, lists and medical complexity. We try to make our clinical processes and documentation easy to understand. click here for a list

8. We pay rigorous attention to detail and quality

We keep up to date with the IVF market and practice, and only use clinics and consultants who we believe deliver the best standard of care.

9. There are no hidden extras on our 100% refund plans (even medication is included)

Often initial prices quoted are misleading due to numerous add-ons and extras. We have one price for our refund plans with no hidden extras.

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