How smoking will affect your chances of successful IVF

Nicotine is the most addictive drug in the world. It is the one that we get asked about most often; will smoking effect my chances of a successful pregnancy with IVF? 

Studies have shown that smoking has a negative impact on overall health, especially for pregnant ladies and their unborn babies. There is no doubt that smoking has an adverse impact on the body and the chances of pregnancy being healthy and successful.  

One study showed that the effect of smoking more than one cigarette a day for a year reduced women’s chances of having a live birth through IVF by 28%.1  

Even though scientists still do not know how exactly smoking affects fertility, it is believed that many toxic chemicals that are found in cigarettes have a negative impact on the lining of the uterus or that it may produce a thickening and hardening of the fluid sac around the egg. The rate of miscarriage in this study was 21.4% among smokers and 16.4% for non-smokers. 

This is not an isolated study; over 20 studies have been conducted and all of them show that smoking has a negative impact on the women’s chances of successful IVF. Smoking causes lower quality and quantity of the eggs and lower rates of fertilisation of the eggs with IVF. Apart from these problems, smoking can also cause problems during pregnancy, at birth and health issues for the newborn baby.  

If you are having infertility issues, the best way to increase your chances of a successful and healthy pregnancy is to limit or stop smoking. We understand this is not always easy and we can offer support for you in this instance. 

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