James Armatage is a leading Specialist in Reproductive Medicine & Surgery and is Consultant Gynaecologist at Cheshire Fertility.

With over 30 years experience in the profession and at the forefront of the latest techniques and processes to guarantee success, James is the perfect person to take part in our interview series, covering the questions we get asked the most often about fertility and IVF.

In this article, we are looking at endometriosis and how it relates to conception.

“What is endometriosis?”

Endometriosis is a condition where the cells that normally line the womb can grow elsewhere in the pelvis and other areas of the body

This can cause pelvic pain, irregular bleeding and ovarian cysts which may reduce a woman’s ability to conceive.

“How common is endometriosis?”

Endometriosis affects probably about one in 20 to one in 40 people who are having problems conceiving.

“Who does endometriosis effect?”

Endometriosis generally affects women of childbearing age. That is why it is significant.

“How is endometriosis diagnosed?”

Endometriosis is diagnosed by laparoscopy, which is a keyhole procedure where a camera looks into the pelvis under anaesthetic.

“How is endometriosis treated?”

Endometriosis can be treated in two ways. It can either be excised at the time of performing a laparoscopy, or it can be treated medically if there is extensive spread of the disease in the pelvis.   

“What is the affect of treatment?”

For many patients, the treatment of endometriosis can reduce their symptoms and make it far easier to conceive.

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