When people are looking to start a family, most blogs talk about heterosexual couples. But many couples looking at IVF will be in same sex relationships. We want to explore Fertility Treatment Options for Same Sex Couples. The process is still very similar, so let’s break it down so you know what to expect. 

There are two main treatment options for same-sex couples.  Intra-Uterine Insemination (IUI), and In Vitro Insemination (IVF). With IVF, the success rates are higher, and it is also often recommended for women over 40, to give them the best possible chance.

Female Couples and IVF:

For a female couple, the process starts with a consultation with a physician to discuss medical history, testing, potential treatment, and financial options.

The next step is testing: Many same-sex couples do not have fertility problems and do not need demanding medical intervention. Also, both partners may wish to be equally involved. So, in these cases, both partners will be tested.  This is useful as it can mean that the best quality eggs can be used in the process which leads to higher success rates.

Of course, there is always be an option for one partner to donate her eggs to the other. Or to use donor eggs.

Male Couples and IVF:

A male couple can become parents with their own sperm, donor eggs and a surrogate. The success rates may be higher if the clinic provides the donor eggs because these should have the highest quality and best chance of success.

Both partners can provide sperm for the insemination of eggs that are then transferred to a surrogate to carry out the pregnancy.

Donor Eggs:

All donor eggs are thoroughly tested to make sure that they are healthy. This allows always for the best chances of success. There are strict guidelines to make sure that this is always the case. This gives you total peace of mind no matter what process you choose to take.

Of course, everyone’s IVF journey is totally unique. The best start to the journey is to have a free telephone consultation with us to understand the options that are available to you and how to move forward. Our goal is to make parenthood accessible to everybody and fast-track the process for you.

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