Shared Motherhood IVF
Multi Cycle and Multi Cycle PLUS plans

  • For those aged under 44

  • Substantial discount on clinic prices

  • PLUS Plan only – you can receive a refund if you achieve early success

  • Two IVF or ICSI cycles

  • All embryo transfers

  • HFEA fees

  • No medical

  • No waiting lists

We are pleased to offer reciprocal IVF in conjunction with both our Multi Cycle plans (this may be subject to screening at the clinic).

Reciprocal IVF offers same sex female partners the opportunity to both be involved in the IVF process. One partner (the donor) would be stimulated and undergo an egg collection, where her eggs would be retrieved and fertilised with a donor’s sperm. The other partner (the recipient) would be prepared for an embryo transfer and would undergo endometrial preparation in order to be ready for the embryo implantation.

Both partners require screening prior to undertaking treatment and also a counselling session, as this is a requirement when utilising donated gametes.

Please note this may not be suitable for everyone as with all IVF treatments, it is subject to screening, such as a pelvic scan and ovarian reserve assessment.

Get in touch and we can help you achieve your dream!

Get in touch and we can help you achieve your dream!

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