TTC – Trying to conceive. Doing absolutely EVERYTHING possible to get pregnant but still finding yourself at the end of annoying fertility anecdotes from well meaning friends…

“Why thank you for letting me know about your neighbour’s cousin who fell pregnant by eating a kilo of kale after sex….”



LMP – Last menstrual period . This is the first day of your last period. As a warrior, you will be used to discussing your most intimate bodily functions with all and sundry with complete ease.


IVF – The amazing process developed by Steptoe and Edwards which resulted in the birth of Louise Brown just over 40 years ago.  It has made millions of people parents, for whom this would have otherwise been impossible, and given countless others hope. 3 cheers for them!


ICSI – Intracytoplasmic Sperm injection. When a single, miniscule sperm is injected directly into the egg during the IVF process. This is a commonly used procedure in male factor infertility. Isn’t modern science amazing?


2WW – The two weeks where you can’t focus on anything, wishing that a fertilised egg will hang around this time. May result in excessive praying, fertility dances or other “lucky” rituals. Leading nicely on to…


Sticky vibes – The good wish of choice from others

in the fertility community after you’ve had an embryo transfer.


POAS – Pee on a Stick. Otherwise known as taking a pregnancy test.


BFN – Big Fat Negative. NOT the result you want from a pregnancy test.


BFP – Big Fat Positive. The result we’re all working towards! Much singing, dancing and celebrating combined with the knowledge there’s still 9 months of anxiety ahead.


How we can help.

One part of going through a fertility journey, especially where clinics are involved, is to learn the dozens of acronyms and phrases associated with treatment. At Assured Fertility we aim to simplify the process of IVF. Our experienced team, including Charlotte, will guide you through every step of the way of our treatment plans.


See our full list of IVF Acronyms


Assured Fertility provide fast-tracked IVF and egg donation plans with no hidden extras. If you don’t have a baby you get 100% of your money back.*

*subject to acceptance and the terms of your plan