One of the biggest considerations before starting your IVF journey is likely to be about how much it costs and how to fund it. Without research, most people don’t know how much IVF is and there are so many variations available. This blog will simplify the mountains of information available on Google and explore the payment options for IVF.

IVF can be available either privately or through the NHS. Although funding for IVF through the NHS is already being cut in certain areas and this is likely to continue.

However, there are a lot of features that can help to ensure a successful pregnancy that are often not available through the NHS. For example, Pre-Genetic Screening is not offered to most people because it is an additional cost for already tight budgets within the NHS. This screening process has been linked by some to increased success rates, and identifies embryos implant during the process which are genetically healthy.

There are other options that are not always offered during the NHS process that may improve success rates. Without knowing the right questions to ask, or terminology, it can be a minefield for you to determine this too.

If you choose to go through IVF with a private clinic, there are further discrepancies with pricing. You may think that you will only need one cycle of IVF, especially if you have selected a clinic with a high success rate. However, you may need more than one cycle (2 – 3 is usually the recommended number to anticipate) and you may not have factored these costs in.

In most cases, the medication costs are not included and screening is sometimes only offered after a number of failed cycles. As most people going through the process are not fertility specialists, it can be difficult to understand what to ask for or what you need to make sure is included.

Sometimes an IVF cycle can be seen advertised from as low as £3,000 but the average is around £7,000+. Be careful to check that costs include screening and medication and almost always the costs quoted will be for one cycle (not multiple cycles).

Assured Fertility understands that uncertainty in pricing is a big challenge for patients the marketplace and have created a package that is one fixed cost, for everything. If you do not have a  baby, we will refund everything to you, subject to the terms of your Assured Fertility Plan.

We also offer payment plans (subject to status) to spread the cost and an interest free option. We know that kitting out for a baby is also expensive so let’s ease the burden for you.

You can see what payment options we offer and how it works on a representative example at the following link

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about the cost and IVF in general and you can reach us on 0333 234 0895;

Let’s start this journey together – we are here to guide and support you, but most of all, ensure you are successful with your IVF journey and get the baby you are longing for.