Millions of people every year are affected with challenges with conceiving and is much more common than it has been in the past. IVF is a great option for anyone wanting to start a family but have historically struggled to (especially guaranteed IVF!). But we know that often people are put off pursuing this further because of things like expense, the process and how complicated it can be.

So here are a few questions that may disappear from your mind when you first visit your fertility specialist. After all, it is natural for it to be an emotional experience, it is the start of your journey to having a family.

Take a note of these questions and maybe take a pen and paper to write down the information so you have it all to review when you get home and let it all sink in.

  1. What is my diagnosis?

This might seem like an obvious question, but people often forget to ask it. Even though the specialist might not know the cause of infertility on the first appointment you can at least receive some possibilities and understand how to explore this further.

  1. What are the solutions?

It is easy to get totally overwhelmed by technical words and abbreviations and sometimes it is very easy for fertility to specialists to give you answers in these terms. If you don’t understand, ask for a more simplistic break down of the solution so you fully understand. It is important that you know now; you don’t want any surprises half way through the process.

  1. How long will it take (and how much will it cost)?

Some patients spend years trying with IVF and have numerous embryo transfers. The costs are not always easy to understand and very often there are added extras that are not factored in. Get a clear idea about your specific situation in terms of projected time frames and the whole cost. Remember to ask how many cycles you are paying for, whether any drugs are included and if the screening processes are included to ensure the highest chance of the fastest route to pregnancy (all of these are included as standard in the Assured Fertility product).

  1. Will I get my money back if the IVF doesn’t work?

IVF can be a magical experience – it is the start of your journey to a family. It also comes with a lot of emotion as well as a time and money commitment. Understandably, you would like some reassurance that this investment is worthwhile. Ask if there is a 100% guarantee with your chosen clinic. This takes away a lot of the pressure from the situation from you and allows you to relax into the journey better. This is one of the biggest reasons behind our 100% guaranteed IVF product.

  1. Can I spread the payments for my treatment?

During what is already a potentially stressful time, it is important that all additional stresses are eliminated. One big strain on people going through IVF is money. Make sure that this option is not going to put you under undue stress and pressure or leave you in a vulnerable situation with money (remember, babies are expensive too!). There are sometimes options to spread IVF payments so ask about these too. All of our accredited Assured Fertility clinics are able to offer monthly payment plans*.


Now you have some clarity over what to find out on your first appointment with an IVF specialist, you can feel confident about starting your journey.

Assured Fertility uses the latest technology to ensure the highest success rates. We are so confident of success that we provide a 100% cashback guarantee if you don’t have a successful birth. In addition, the cost of our treatments are capped. You know the cost at the start and there are no extras added. We also offer competitive payment options*.

If you are considering IVF treatment call us us on 0333 234 0895; We will gladly answer any questions you may have.


*subject to status.