Unfortunately, in many cases, money is the problem that stands in the way of becoming a parent for couples who are unable to conceive. IVF can add financial strain to couples going through the process and around 60% of couples need more than one cycle in order to become parents.

Increasingly, prospective grandparents are paying for their children to go through the process. For those who do not have that option, finding other funding becomes the answer.

When success rates are not guaranteed, the cost of IVF can seem like a big gamble.

However, at Assured Fertility, we believe that IVF should be accessible to everybody. Our number one goal is to make it accessible through several ways, payment plans and a refund policy so that if your IVF is not successful, it will not cost you anything.

IVF can be very challenging emotionally and physically, which is why Assured Fertility is determined to help you all the way through this process. Total support, top consultants and clinics and a peace of mind money-back guarantee mean that you can enjoy the journey and prepare to start your family.

Our refund programme guarantee that if you do not have a live birth, all of the costs of the Assured Plan™ will be refunded. We are using the latest technology and top consultants which enables us to be highly confident that your treatment will be successful. Furthermore, we work only with the clinics and consultants that provide care of the highest quality that enables us to achieve higher pregnancy rates.

Knowing all the costs in advance allows you to plan your finances since you will not only know how much successful IVF will cost you, but you will also have the peace of mind that it won’t cost you anything if you are not successful. The plan we offer is all inclusive – there are no additional extras to take into account.

We are changing the way things happen in the IVF industry to make becoming a parent as accessible and easy as possible for everyone.

You can see the payment options we offer and how it works in a representative example here

Any questions you may have about the cost and IVF in general can be addressed to 0333 234 0895; info@assuredfertility.co.uk.