IVF guaranteed money back plans only accept up to the age of 37 for our  so thought I would address this topic. The main reason is unfortunately due to the fact that as the maternal age increases past 35, egg quality reduces and this significantly reduces the implantation rate of embryos. As we age, our ovarian reserve diminishes and the quality of our eggs deteriorate and this makes it a lot riskier for us to offer a money back guarantee to people over the age of 37 using solely their own eggs. We aren’t at all saying that this means you don’t have a chance at a natural conception or that a fertility clinic wouldn’t be able to treat you and gain a successful outcome, we just can’t offer you a guarantee on that treatment. 

With this in mind, we developed our combined plan which offers you the chance at utilising your own eggs in 1 cycle first and if this is not successful, you would move straight onto egg donation and this would be 100% money back guaranteed if you did not deliver a baby! We designed this product after listening to our patients and knowing the importance of having that one last chance using own eggs before moving onto donor eggs. 

Holly Scott, Patient and Clinic Liaison Manager


Assured Fertility provide fast-tracked IVF and egg donation plans with no hidden extras. If you don’t have a baby you get 100% of your money back.*

*subject to acceptance on our plan