There are many variables in fertility and conception. Although there are some things we can use as a guideline and an indicator to the best way to move ahead, every person and every situation is different. The best way forward is always to get the advice that is bespoke to you. But we get asked a lot … “When should we use egg donors?” 

So let’s explore … 

Fertility and the chances of conceiving reduce with ageing, especially for women. Although, there are many factors that contribute to infertility for many couples, one that is the most factor is the quality and quantity of woman’s eggs.  

All women are born with one to two million immature eggs (follicles) in their ovaries, and even though this may seem like a lot, only around 0.05% of these ovulate over the course of a woman’s life. As women age, the quality and quantity of her eggs decrease. The general observations are that after 35, successful pregnancies also decrease.  

In recent years freezing eggs has become very popular. Contrary to popular belief, the benefits of this are actually limited. Using frozen eggs can result in a successful pregnancy if the woman is 38 years old or younger. When women are older than this, very often the best option for them may be to use donor eggs to have a successful pregnancy. 

Donor eggs can resolve many other cases of infertility, not just age related. This is an option for early menopause, previously unsuccessful IVF procedures and ovarian surgery. It is also an option for those not wishing to pass genetic diseases on to their children. 

Many women are choosing donor eggs simply because it has the highest chances that it will result in a successful pregnancy and delivering a healthy baby. Studies indicate that using donor eggs gives women almost 50% chance to conceive. Success rates of this procedure are high simply because the donor eggs are screened and assured at the highest health levels.  

You may be reluctant about using donor eggs because you are wondering if this will be your baby. The baby will grow in your body, will be surrounded by you from conception and will be born into your world. Your body will grow, nourish, support and love the baby. This is absolutely your baby.  

We understand that this may be a very difficult decision for you, therefore, we are always available to you for consultation and any questions you may have about egg donation and IVF. Contact us 0333 234 0895;